This course presents an advanced body of data about education and is the definitive course on education and Study Technology for professional and personal... Find out more »
This course provides educators with the skills to assess, diagnose and remedy students' barriers to comprehending subjects. It provides classroom tools... Find out more »
The educator will learn how to use teaching and supervising strategies as well as communication skills in managing the learning process of others, whether... Find out more »
With this manual, educators will be able to devise checksheets, enabling them to teach high-level curricula in flexible ways to ensure that each student... Find out more »
Discover the practical applications of key concepts of Study Technology. Experience the applicability of this breakthrough methodology to today's educational... Find out more »
Learn the fundamentals of the technology of study, acquire the tools for making the learning and teaching of any subject in the work environment more efficient... Find out more »
This provides educators a more in-depth understanding of the technology of study, along with the tools for making the teaching and learning of any subject... Find out more »