Literacy Coaches
An Overview of Training

For individuals who work with new, challenged or below-grade-level readers, Applied Scholastics has developed a program of training to ensure that literacy coaches are prepared to deal with any learning difficulty.

The program consists of two courses built on the fundamentals of Study Technology: Study Tools for Educators and Teaching Modern Phonics. The two-course program can be completed in approximately four eight-hour days or on a part-time schedule as arranged. Total fee is $989. 

By the end of the program the educator will be able to easily find and correct the reading problem of any student and get him or her reading and succeeding. The coach will be equipped to quickly produce students who are able to read at or above their grade level.

Applied Scholastics training is interactive and emphasizes drilling, practical application and the acquisition and use of communication skills. Courses of study are open-entry, open-exit. Thus each trainee moves through a course at his own speed, receiving individual attention as he goes along and remaining on study until training objectives are achieved.


Study Tools for Educators

Class Time: 18 hours
Prerequisites: Current experience as an educator is recommended but not required

The trainee will gain an understanding of and an ability to use the fundamentals of Study Technology, including the three main barriers that prevent student learning and their physical and mental manifestations. The training will equip the educator with multiple tools for targeting these barriers with special emphasis on remedying these barriers rapidly in any educational setting or situation. Trainees will then be able to apply this acquired knowledge to their own experience and develop purposeful lesson plans that avoid these barriers and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching any subject.


Teaching Modern Phonics Course

Class Time: 16 hours
Prerequisites: Study Tools for Educators Course

With poor reading performance identified as the underlying cause of school failure and dropouts, it is imperative that all educators know how to assess and improve reading to close the achievement gap. This course provides the basic tools to teach a beginner to read, or to remedy a student functioning below grade level. A graduate of this course will be able to:

  • Understand the sound/symbol relationship of the English language.
  • Administer and evaluate reading tests to rapidly and easily determine a student’s performance level.
  • Apply the correct gradient of reading intervention to enable a student to move forward and achieve grade level or above in reading.
  • Teach a beginning student to read using phonics.


Spanish Lake Campus Accommodations

On-campus meals and lodging are available at nominal cost while enrolled in Applied Scholastics training courses at Spanish Lake.

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