English as a Second Language Training

With Study Technology English Language Skills are Mastered Rapidly

English as a Second Language (ESL) training has become increasingly important in preparing students for today’s world. English skills are needed by those who work in international commerce and services, fields that are growing in today’s interconnected global economy.  Further, migrations of people to English-speaking countries have resulted in millions of people who urgently need to be competent in the language of their new home.

Study Technology is key to the rapid mastery of a new language. Applied Scholastics offers a widely used, highly successful ESL program that uses Study Technology tools to guide students through the challenges of mastering the English language and trains teachers to deliver the ESL program with Study Technology.  

For example, the teacher will learn how to carefully bring students along on a proper gradient so they can easily build more advanced understanding on top of earlier concepts. And most importantly, the program is designed so the student is not inundated with words and information which he doesn’t fully grasp. Knowing how to help the students avoid the barriers to study, the teacher will ensure they quickly understand and can use the English language.

In China over the past 25 years, public school teachers have used Study Technology in ESL classes, changing a sometimes difficult and dry subject into an interactive and lively activity. Students find themselves able to apply what they are learning to rapidly master the English language.

For more than 15 years, Applied Scholastics has provided ESL services to meet work force and teacher training demands around the world. In Malaysia, Japan, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine, hundreds of employees and teachers have been trained in English.

In Hungary, Applied Scholastics ESL schools have also been training young professionals who found that English skills were necessary for business success as a consequence of the increased integration of the Hungarian economy into that of Europe.

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