Resources For Those Who Homeschool

Study Technology provides a solid base of skills with which students can then learn any subject, as it deals with the fundamentals of learning how to learn itself. 

Most parents who decide to homeschool feel that they can provide a better education and certainly a safer and saner environment for their youngsters than that which currently exists in the available schools. Statistics continue to back this up, with homeschooled students outperforming their schooled peers on national standardized tests by 30 to 37 percentile points across all subject areas.  

What’s more, a majority of these students and their parents say that they are visibly happier learning at home. 

The biggest challenge most parents face when they decide to homeschool is selecting the materials they are going to use. The majority use an eclectic approach, choosing from a variety of resources. And this is exactly where Study Technology fits in, as no matter what subject a child is trying to learn, this practical, down-to-earth technology teaches them how to study it. By knowing and using this technology, students not only learn faster but they retain and can use the information long after they have gone on to study other things. 

We have home study courses you can do with your child. For more information, visit our bookstore, or our parents page for free downloadable information.   

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