Tutor Training

Training Objectives

  • To solve student academic deficiencies in reading, math and language arts.
  • To motivate and engage students in their education.
  • To help students become independent lifelong learners.

Applied Scholastics uses the Applied Scholastics Achievement Program (ASAP) to train tutors.  The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program is a complete and structured academic acceleration program created to turn underperformers into achievers. It uses the tools of Study Technology in a smoothly integrated program that locates a student’s skill level and brings him or her forward from that point.

This methodology is widely in use in community tutoring programs and by traditional one-on-one tutors.  It has also been used in schools to supplement the mainline curriculum. 

In this training, the tutor learns how to actively engage students in the learning process through the use of examples and hands-on demonstrations and activities. Vocabulary development is emphasized to ensure complete mastery of each concept.

More information about ASAP is available at the downloadable ASAP Overview below.

Study Guides—Individualized Self-Paced Learning Tools

The tutor learns to use Study Guides, individualized detailed lessons that take a student from the basics of the subject up through higher levels in a step-by-step procedure, ensuring understanding and ability to use the material at every step. In this way, students gain mastery of what they are learning. 

Study Guides are not a replacement for curriculum. Instead they supplement the curriculum by “plugging the holes” in a student’s earlier education, making it possible for them to access their current level of curriculum. The program can be pulled apart and reconstituted in various ways to deal with whatever the need is and/or for the personalized programs of each student. In other words, it is flexible and adaptable. 

Tutor Training Lineup

This entire lineup takes approximately 15 days.

  • Progressive Teaching Tools or Barriers to Study Workshop
  • Communication Course or Communication Workshop
  • How to Live and Work with Children or Strategies for Working with Students Workshop
  • Reading and Phonics Training
  • Repairing Phonics and Reading Program (as needed)
  • Applied Scholastics Achievement Program Curriculum Orientation
  • Tutor Practical
  • Teacher or Tutor Administrative Requirements Orientation for Supplementary Educational Services (SES)
  • Tutor Certification

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