Applied Scholastics Achievement Program (ASAP)

The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program (ASAP) is a comprehensive and structured academic acceleration program created to turn underperformers into achievers. It uses the tools of Study Technology in a smoothly integrated program that identifies a student’s skill level and brings him or her forward from that point.

ASAP is used widely in community tutoring programs and by traditional one-on-one tutors. It has also been used in schools to supplement the mainline curriculum.

In this unique program, students not only receive targeted tutoring to fill gaps in subject matter, they also learn strategies that enable them to move forward in their studies independently. ASAP provides students with step-by-step methods to recognize and overcome learning difficulties.

Whether the student is being tutored in reading or math, vocabulary development is emphasized to ensure complete mastery of each concept. Through the use of examples and hands-on demonstrations and activities, ASAP ensures that each student is actively engaged in the learning process. 

After initial testing to establish the student’s baseline proficiency in a subject, “Study Guides” are used. These guides include individualized, detailed lessons that take a student step by step from whatever skill level he or she has up to a higher ability level. 

Study Guides are not a replacement for curriculum. Instead, they supplement the curriculum by filling in the missing aspects of a student’s earlier education, enabling them to access their current level of curriculum. Study Guides have been created in components that permit maximum flexibility. The program the student is following can be pulled apart and reconstituted in various ways. It is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the student.

ASAP is used by private tutors and community center tutoring activities, several of which are also certified Supplemental Education Service providers of after-school tutoring services to students from underperforming schools, pursuant to the US No Child Left Behind Act.

In school settings, ASAP is used to supplement the regular school curriculum.  The program may be administered during study hall periods, after school, or built in to the regular school program. It gives underperforming students the opportunity to catch up with their classmates with teachers routinely noting that behavior problems normally diminish or disappear when a student is brought up to a point where he or she can understand the subject matter.

The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program is supported by program-use fees determined after consultation with the school or other agency. Fees are based on how the program will be implemented in that setting and how many students will participate. ASAP works with the school or other agency to form an analysis and implementation plan, with every effort made to tailor a program that is affordable and workable for the individual school. 

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