Training on Effective Learning Tools
Spanish Lake International Training Center

To meet the international demand for training on Study Technology, Applied Scholastics opened its residential campus at Spanish Lake, near St. Louis, Missouri, in 2003.

This 100-acre training center, just two miles from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, is the site of the first college of Study Technology and the international headquarters of Applied Scholastics.

Teachers and administrators from public and private schools, tutors, corporate business trainers and educational consultants come to Spanish Lake from around the world for training.

Both residential and daytime professional training are available, with many courses earning postgraduate credits.

Study Technology

Study Technology is not a set of study “tricks” or a system such as speed-reading. Rather, it is a rich subject that can be integrated into any educational setting. It draws upon an extensive body of writings by L. Ron Hubbard on his research findings and the education tools he developed. This work is relevant for anyone interested in knowledge and learning.

Study Technology empowers students with learning skills they need to become self-motivated, independent learners—skills they will use throughout their lives.

Wherever Study Technology is implemented, students change dramatically, both in their interest in learning and speed of study. The results regularly astonish teachers, administrators and officials alike. Typically, when delivering Study Technology and achieving its results, educators also revive their original purpose to help others learn.

Applied Scholastics Training Programs

Applied Scholastics training doesn’t just provide an understanding of the theory of Study Technology. One leaves with a complete mastery of the application of techniques that enable students to become more accountable, self-directed and self-advocating.

All training includes practical drills and the opportunity to work with the tools of Study Technology, so that one becomes comfortable and certain in teaching or tutoring with them. Here is a selection of the kinds of training available:

1. Three-Day Applied Scholastics Educator Institutes—These interactive sessions present the exact reasons why a student is slow or cannot comprehend and the remedies for them. They are interactive sessions concentrating on implementation of Study Technology in the classroom.

2. Training for New Educators—This prepares the person about to enter the education field for teaching with the challenges of today’s classrooms. It equips one with effective tools and interactive learning strategies, and includes instruction on Study Technology, communication skills and classroom management. Postgraduate credit available.

3. Experienced Educator Courses—These enhance teaching skills while providing in-depth learning strategies. Built on a foundation of Study Technology, these courses enable the educator to empower students and develop positive learning attitudes. Postgraduate credit available.

4. Training for Tutors and Corporate Trainers—This includes all the basics of Study Technology as it applies to the corporate realm as well as to working one-on-one in tutoring or supervising individual students.

5. Workshops and Conventions—Workshops are scheduled throughout the year on specific aspects of Study Technology. Conventions at Spanish Lake bring alumni and Applied Scholastics program managers together.

After training at Spanish Lake professional educators return to their countries and schools with commanding tools, interactive learning strategies and teaching techniques with which to create and provide a learning environment where students of any age and culture will flourish.

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