With Study Technology, parents can effectively assist their children to succeed in school.


“I am thrilled to say that I have learned the barriers to learning. I never knew them! Now I have a much better understanding of the bland and bored expressions I've seen on my children's faces while studying. Most importantly, I've learned not to waste time trying to explain the present problem but to go back and find the point at which they became confused. Eureka!” —D.B., Parent

Puts the Student in Charge of Their Studies

“My son went from hating school, sloppy penmanship, not doing homework or reading, to being excited about school, taking pride in his writing and actually reading outside school hours! Study Technology really does work and puts the student in charge of their studies.” —W.F., Parent

Needless to Say, We are Very Pleased

“My son Paul told me, ‘It’s nice to learn what they’re teaching me.’ He also said that it made him feel so good about himself. Then he began conversing enthusiastically on how to use a semicolon in a sentence! These are pretty terrific results for his first week. Needless to say, we are very pleased.” —M.J., Parent

Given My Boys Real Tools

“Knowing and using this information on Study Technology has given my boys real tools to understand and use any subjects they care to study.” —P.W., Parent

I Know Her Future is Bright

“My daughter is learning Study Technology at the age of 6. She is bright and happy and enjoys learning. She is way ahead of where I was as a student at her age. I know her future is bright.” —R.L., Parent

Placed on the Honor Roll!

“My daughter was quite exasperated and frustrated with her math and reading. After her tutoring in Study Technology she passed her tests with flying colors. Her own self-confidence in her studies has quadrupled. She is now a very happy student and has recently been placed on the Honor Roll!” —T.K., Parent