Effective Training Solutions
Work Force Development Training

Effective Training Solutions (ETS), a comprehensive training program licensed by Applied Scholastics, enables employees to become true professionals. ETS uses Study Technology to help workers achieve new levels of skill at their jobs and become fully proficient with remarkable positive effects on their efficiency and productivity.

Applied Scholastics knows that when workers are unable to fully learn their jobs, the result is not just a bad grade. Yet in the corporate world, the retention rate for materials studied by workers is a constant challenge for those who are supposed to train them. The same holds true for job proficiency rates. And opportunities are increasingly rare for professional growth so workers remain current in their field or get retraining if necessary.

Effective Training Solutions programs use Study Technology as the foundation of a training system that focuses on 100 percent proficiency. This training procedure enables each worker who is trained to gain complete mastery of his job. 

When ETS programs were implemented at a major computer hardware firm, training time was reduced by as much as 70 percent—with recent graduates performing as well or better than veteran employees. As a result, the company is now using this system to introduce all new information system processes. 

At another computer firm, assembly productivity went up 28 percent after Effective Training Solutions training and quality improved 80 percent with quality levels remaining above 99.5 percent each month. Employees have taken charge of their jobs. “Now that they’ve been trained and understand, they are much more vocal,” said the director of manufacturing operations. “We get a lot more recommendations from them on how to improve the process. ”

Effective Training Solutions has delivered Study Technology programs to employees and management personnel from Fortune 500 companies with widely varied products, medical centers and government agencies. When vehicle safety inspectors in California were trained using Study Technology, computer input errors were reduced from 20 percent to 0.5 percent.

Workforce Development Training:

Study and Training Tools for Professionals Course

In this course, business professionals and trainers learn the fundamentals of the technology of study and acquire the tools for making the learning and teaching of any subject in the work environment more efficient and effective.   

Time:   3 days    (8 hrs/day)   

Advanced Study Tools for Educators Course

This course provides cost-effective tools to speed up and improve employee training.  One is taught how to increase comprehension and the ability to apply written and verbal communications, including manuals and instructions. 

Time:   3 days    (8 hrs/day)  

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