Special Services: Educator Institutes

Applied Scholastics International offers Educator Institutes to instruct educators in the techniques of how to create classrooms of confident, self-motivated, lifelong learners. Educator Institutes provide workable methods of reaching unmotivated students and address real classroom situations with real solutions.


Applied Scholastics Educator Institutes offers educators these opportunities:

  • Learn systematic, research-based methods to drive continuous improvement, ensure proficiency and provide subject mastery.
  • Discover powerful teaching techniques to elevate student achievement, motivation and accountability.
  • Learn about strategies for repairing student talents in reading, math and science.
  • Participate in interactive training.

      Interactive training sessions include:

  • Teaching children of any learning speed.
  • Improving student comprehension.
  • Handling classroom academic diversity.
  • And most importantly, making students active participants instead of passive recipients.

Contact us for a schedule of our special Three-Day Educator Institutes.

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