Individualized Instruction:
A Unique Solution to the Education Crisis

Recently one US school district was shocked to learn that fifty percent of its students had test scores below the standard passing grade for their year. Faced with the massive strain of holding back over 300,000 students, the district compromised and allowed them to move on regardless. What is the answer? A unique approach. Something which breaks the tried-and-failed mode of modern education. And most importantly, something that is both fast and effective. Applied Scholastics provides those answers through a unique method of individualized instruction.



Improving Literacy
Through Applied Scholastics Methodology

The test of any methodology or technology is whether it gets results. In our fast-paced society of continual progress and new achievement, the demand for educational programs that facilitate learning, conceptual understanding and real-world application is greater than ever. Whether you are a teacher or a professor, a parent or a student, Applied Scholastics can help you meet this demand.



Special Three-Day Educator Institutes

Applied Scholastics Educator Institutes, including its three-day workshops, provide, amongst other things:

  • Research-based methods to drive continuous improvement
  • How to teach children of any learning speed
  • Strategies for repairing student talents in reading, math and science