World Literacy Crusade

The World Literacy Crusade (WLC) is a grass-roots literacy movement founded by a Baptist Minister as a response to the civil disturbances that shook Los Angeles in 1992.

Reverend Alfreddie Johnson, Jr., and award-winning musician and songwriter, the late Isaac Hayes, teamed up with local leaders, parents, youth and educators who wanted to change conditions in their neighborhoods. They were looking for effective solutions to the growing rates of illiteracy, drug addiction and criminal activity that were literally tearing their communities to pieces. Study Technology offered them the solution to illiteracy—they had seen the results for themselves and they knew it worked. 

These concerned citizens then formed an alliance between people trained in Study Technology and affiliated organizations that could help with the issues of drugs and crime. 

Today, the World Literacy Crusade operates programs in local schools, tutoring centers and juvenile detention facilities. It has grown into an international movement, with volunteers operating in Canada, Australia, Greece and Africa. Its programs use the study and drug rehabilitation methodologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard to provide individuals with the basic tools they need to become literate, responsible, self-sufficient and employable. If you would like more information about the World Literacy Crusade you may contact them at:

The World Literacy Crusade 
3209 North Alameda, Suite B
Compton, California 90222
Phone:  (310) 537-2273
Fax:      (310) 537-2139