Effective Training Solutions 
Rewards and Benefits

For more than ten years, Applied Scholastics of Malaysia has been active in meeting the demands for work force training in Malaysia and Japan. This office has trained hundreds of employees in English as a Second Language, Study Technology and communication skills. 

“I’m very lucky to have taken this course at the right time,” said one graduate. “Study Skills for Life has changed my thinking ability. The Study Technology has enabled me to get back on the track to success. L. Ron Hubbard has done something excellent for the world by giving new hope in the area of education.” 

The many government agencies and corporations who have sent staff to Applied Scholastics Malaysia include: Citibank, Malaysian Airport Berhad, Southeast Asia Insurance, Proton Malaysia, Asian Commercial Finance, Arab Malaysian Development, Permodalan National Berhad and United Oriental Bank.

In the United States, the Recording Institute of Detroit is a state-licensed professional school that trains people to be recording engineers. It was founded by former Motown Records technician and teacher Bob Dennis. Study Technology courses are an integral part of the school’s curriculum.

“As a result of Study Technology courses,
the retention and application of performance objectives 
is raised.”

Students who fail the normal admissions test may still be admitted to the school if they complete a course in Study Technology, which has been proven to give them the skills they need to keep up with their coursework. Study Technology courses are also mandatory for all students who are enrolled in the entire school program, as it has shown to be crucial in enabling them to achieve the required 85 percent pass rate for the final exam. 

“As a result of Study Technology courses, the retention and application of performance objectives is raised,” according to Mr. Dennis. “Dropout rates are much lower than the average for vocational schools. A significant improvement has also been noted in the placement of students in jobs in the recording field. The rate is now at over 85 percent.”

Business Success with Study Technology

Presented below is a further sampling from the thousands of success stories from businesses and employees applying Study Technology to the workplace:

“Study Technology can have surprising and unexpected ramifications. In one case, after learning this technology in one of my programs, two automotive employees went on to solve a problem with bearings that had eluded vibration experts for years. They attributed the breakthrough entirely to the Hubbard Study Technology.” —J.G., Educator to Business

“In the aerospace industry we have to stay abreast of new scientific discoveries and ever-improving technology. The study methods of L. Ron Hubbard enable me to comprehend the new concepts so that I can efficiently apply them to my job. I find these methods invaluable in a situation of continuing discovery and learning such as mine.” —Z.S., Mathematician, Aerospace Lab

“I am a graduate of M.I.T. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] and have a Masters Degree in math from the University of California San Diego. I have been using Mr. Hubbard’s Study Technology since 1978. I have used it in my work to help myself learn new things and I have used it to help teach my clients. I have seen it help many students—both children and adults—both fast and slow students.” —D.W., Computer Software Consultant

“All of our executives and staff apply the Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and this fact has been very instrumental in our success. This technology is fundamental not only to our high-technology business but any activity where individuals must learn skills in order to survive—in other words, life.” —L.B., Vice President, Software Firm