Endorsements and Recognitions

The contributions of L. Ron Hubbard and Applied Scholastics to the fields of literacy and learning have changed the lives of millions across the globe. Applied Scholastics frequently receives letters of recognition and endorsements from educators and ministers, in acknowledgement of both its programs and the power of Study Technology.

Presented here is a brief selection from the many recognitions and letters of endorsement which Applied Scholastics has received:

“…it is my pleasure to have had the opportunity to enhance and strengthen my pedagogical practices due to the training at Applied Scholastics International Training Campus…

“I want to commend you and your staff for a stellar record of accomplishments and the help you are providing for our future generations.

“Thank you for what you are doing to improve the educational system of America’s schools today.”

J.L.W., Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Michigan

“I wanted to share my appreciation for the work you have done with our students.

“I found working with your center a great support to our students in the areas of math and reading.

“I hope you will be able to serve more of our students in the new school year.”

Principal, Missouri

“Well, we did it again! Our eight graders’ math scores are up, and their English Language Arts scores, which had already risen nicely last year with your help, were not just maintained this year: they were increased to a higher level of proficiency…

“So, thank you once again … for all the support you have given me and my staff—and especially the students—these past two years. I’ve said it before, but will say it again: I am so grateful that our mayor found out about your program and got your agreement to come to our school in time to assist me with the task of turning the academic scene around at Prescott. I know it would have been considerably more difficult without your assistance. The children were not just seriously deficient in their academic basics; they were also missing essential learning tools with which to help themselves repair the situation. You addressed those situations with your wonderful Applied Scholastics Achievement Program. You not only saved lives, you saved a community of learners. 

“We are looking forward to next year with you and to expanding the program to even more students. You can count on me to recommend you to other educators in the months and years to come.”

Principal, Louisiana

“…without reservation, I can say that the professionalism of the personnel, thoroughness of the training and the quality of the Applied Scholastics Achievement Program…assisted our school in achieving the final product that was the best I have ever experienced. 

“By focusing on identifying and repairing the academic deficiencies of underperforming fourth through six grade students, Bel-Ridge was recognized as ‘Gold Star’ school…Bel-Ridge was also selected as recipient of the…Monsanto School of Excellence in Education Scholarship and Awards Banquet.”

Principal, Missouri


 “…I would like to express the positive effect Applied Scholastics International has created on me, my congregation and my ministry.

“The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program has been a blessing to the children that we have been ministering through the tutoring program.

“I am encouraged at the dedication and attention that Applied Scholastics has taken to help build the self-esteem and confidence of our young people…

“I would highly recommend that other religious leaders seriously consider implementing this program in their own church communities.”

Pastor, Tennessee

“Rarely in a lifetime does an innovation come along that is multi-national and trans-generational that has the opportunity to change the complexion of its benefactors. Well, [we] discovered and partnered with Applied Scholastics and the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard to introduce a scientific approach to eradicate illiteracy through the Vision Literacy Center International.

“We will franchise this exact science in every community where we have an INAM [International Network of Affiliate Ministries] church here and abroad. We have so embarked upon no small task to leave the next generation and generations to come empowered to change their world.”

Bishop, Illinois